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Safeena – Muslim Cancer Support Network (SMCSN) offers emotional and practical support to Muslims who have been diagnosed with cancer, as well as partners, family and friends of people with a diagnosis. The service will be provided by Muslims who have lived experience of either the diagnosis or being a partner, family, friend of someone with a diagnosis. The service is designed to offer short-term support. This confidential service will provide the opportunity for people to talk openly and to ask any questions they like. Most of the support will be offered by telephone, but some volunteers will additionally provide support by email.

What experience do I need to have to apply?

  • To have had a diagnosis of primary cancer in the last four years and be at least 12 months past the end of your treatment; or
  • To be a partner, close family member or friend of someone who has had a diagnosis of primary cancer.

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What skills and qualities do I need?

  • To be non-judgmental, show empathy and compassion.
  • To be a good listener, communicator and confident whilst using the
  • To be willing and able to share to your own experiences
  • To take part in training and complete associated admin tasks, you need to be competent using the internet and have access to a laptop and phone.
  • Able to work within SMCSN’s policies and guidelines, including respecting client’s confidentiality, safeguarding, and data

What commitment is required?

  • The number of people you support and how often you call them will vary based on the requirements of our service users and your capacity/time, but we would hope that you would feel able to make one or two calls each week if required. You will always be able to tell us if you are not free to provide

You will be contacted when you are identified as being a suitable match to provide support. Calls are made from your own home, at a mutually convenient time for both you and the service user.

What training and support will I receive?

  • Volunteers will be asked to attend and take part in training before commencing their role. The training will predominantly take place via MS Teams / Zoom.
  • Following your initial training you may be required to take part in further training as and when required by SMCSN.
  • As a volunteer you will also be assigned a volunteer mentor and be offered further training.

What will I gain from volunteering for the service?

  • It’s a simple way of giving something back to someone affected by cancer.
  • Your calls can make a huge difference to people affected by cancer.
  • Developing your communication and telephone support skills, and experience in supporting people during a difficult time.
  • Volunteers report feeling a great sense of purpose and well-being because of their ability to help others.
  • Being part of the UK’s first Muslim Cancer Support Network and helping support people with cancer.

How does it work?

This is your opportunity to apply to volunteer to become a befriender and help support fellow Muslims affected by Cancer.

  1. You sign up and start your volunteer application online by completing questions below, if suitable you will be called for an interview and will be required to provide references. If successful you will be required to complete necessary training.
  2. Once you become a befriender SMCSN will match you with a service user based on your experience and background.
  3. SMCSN will then connect you with the service user that you will then support them either by phone or by email.
Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

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