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The Safeena Muslim Cancer Support Network was established in memory of my dear mother, Safeena, who sadly passed away in 2020 – within five months of her cancer diagnosis. Like all mothers, she was caring, unconditionally selfless and a beacon of light (Noor) for my family and our wider community.
The heartbreak of losing my mother to cancer gave me a stark reminder that ultimately we belong to God and to him we return. Even after her terminal diagnosis, my mother’s faith (Imaan) never faltered, if anything it was strengthened during her short period of illness. Our strong Islamic principles helped us immeasurably during that difficult time. Like many, we found it hard to talk about and comprehend the enormity of cancer. What made it harder, was how quickly it became apparent that there was little faith-based information and support available to us. It was during this period that an intention was made that we would set up a free national cancer support service to help and guide fellow Muslims through this immensely tough period.

Over the last two years, Allah SWT has connected us with some amazing individuals within the United Kingdom and globally and from their struggles, inspirational stories and their strong desire to do something positive, we were enabled to build the ‘Safeena – Muslim Cancer Support Network.’

This service is not just about physical care but also emotional and spiritual support for the heart and soul. We aim to provide befriending services and access to an understanding of what it means to be a Muslim and experiencing cancer.

We pray that this Network is of benefit for those who need support at their most vulnerable and testing times. We strongly believe that no one should have to experience this journey alone – we are wholeheartedly here to support you and your loved ones every step of the way, insh’Allah. All we ask in return is for your prayers and support in allowing us to serve and bring benefit to others impacted by cancer.

Sarfraz Nazir
Founder of Safeena Muslim Cancer Support Network


The Board of Trustees and Non-Executive Directors are made up of individuals from diverse backgrounds who are bound by a collective desire to provide a service that is of benefit to our Muslim ummah.

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

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Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network
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