Who to inform

In the event of someone’s death, it is important to notify the appropriate individuals and organisations.

The first people to be notified should be close family and friends of the deceased. They may be able to provide support and assistance during this difficult time. It may be necessary to go through the deceased’s email and phone contacts to identify other individuals who should be notified of the death, lesser-known friends etc. This can help ensure that everyone who needs to know is informed.

Overall, it is important to carefully consider who should be notified in the event of someone’s death, and to take the necessary steps to inform all relevant parties as soon as possible. However, apart from friends and family, it is also important to contact the government and other organisations.


You can use the ‘Tell Us Once’ service about the death. Once you complete the details, they will issue a unique reference which can be used in communicating with other departments/authorities. The benefit of this service is that they will inform the following departments of the death:


Passport office  


Local council (housing benefit / blue badge)


It would also be of benefit to inform other organisations of the death:


Mortgage providers 

Insurance companies 

Pension providers


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