Funeral Arrangements

When a person has passed, contact the mosque funeral directors to inform them of the death as soon as practical. Some will need the burial form to pick up the body whereas others will require just the MCCD, depending on the hospital.

Most mosques will now offer a full service from the collection and storage of a body to ghusl and burial. Typical costs are around £4,000 but please check with your mosque or local authority as costs vary. It is ideal to try to save or plan for this ahead of time, if your loved one is sick but this is not always possible and can be hard to face. Asking friends and family to help plan or cost can be useful and a way for them to be supportive in the aftermath.


Decide if you are comfortable performing ghusl yourself or if you would like to help with this or if you would like the funeral directors to manage this completely. Families can be present when the ghusl is performed. You may wish to follow a particular madhab, again please check, and discuss it with your Scholar.

Funeral Cost

Help is available where families are not able to meet costs from the government to local organisations. Many communities have funeral funds which will cover the costs. Help is also available to families facing financial difficulties or where there are no remaining relatives.

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

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