Who We Are

SAFEENA is the first ever national Muslim Cancer Support Network in the UK to
provide services specifically for Muslims affected by cancer. Although specifically
targeted at Muslims our services can be accessed by anyone, faith or no faith

Our Values


Delivering a service which people can rely on, turn to when they are most in need and trust that they are getting independent, honest sincere advice, compassion and support.


As an organisation we will all be responsible for our words, our actions and the service we deliver. We will adhere to the strongest moral principles and standards, with accountability at the forefront.


We will be open and transparent in all our dealings, working to the highest standards of openness and transparency.


Our core principle will include to do ‘Khidmah’ which is to serve humanity, with all we do being to serve those who need help

Benefit to Mankind

“The best among you are those who bring greatest benefits to many others" Hadith of the Prophet صلى الله عليه وسلم , which is central to what we are looking to do. We truly believe that being of benefit to Mankind is our duty, not a choice. Therefore, we must demonstrate this through our actions - care, love and compassion as our core values. We should not only provide assistance, care and solace to people in our communities, but we should exhibit this in the true sense and have love for all.

Our Objectives

Our objective at SMCSN is to provide faith and culturally sensitive spiritual and pastoral support for all people who are affected by cancer whether as patients, family members, friends, carers or otherwise with a focus on Muslims but not limited to just Muslims. The purpose is to support the mental health of people by providing emotional support and thereby improving the quality of life and spiritual well-being of people affected by cancer. This is to compliment and co-exist alongside mainstream services rather than replacing them as SMCSN recognises the excellent work being undertaken by these organisations. We will achieve this by focusing on the following three main areas below.


To provide a high-quality peer support service to everyone effected by cancer to help them cope with their diagnosis and treatment.


To Improve knowledge and awareness of cancer amongst Muslim communities and in doing so raising awareness of symptoms and the importance of early detection and diagnosis.

Faith Based

To provide specific cultural and faithbased services for spiritual, physical and mental wellbeing for people affected by cancer.

Our Mission

At Safeena’s we recognise that not everyone is in the
same boat:

We will provide support to those impacted by cancer
through education, befriending and signposting which
will be underpinned by faith and culture.

Our Vision

To serve and provide a faith-based support service, bringing hope, care and compassion into people’s lives.
Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

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Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network
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