Befriending Service

At Safeena’s we believe that no one should have to face a cancer journey on their own. We also recognise that not everyone is in the same boat and that experiences with cancer can be different. This is why we have trained befriender volunteers from varied backgrounds who are able to help you in your cancer journey.

What is Safeena’s Befriending Service?

It is a service that provides support to those impacted by cancer and whilst we are a faith based organisation our services are available for anybody who needs our support. Our trained volunteers will provide a befriending support service to you through their lived experiences of cancer.

We’ll match you with a trained volunteer who’s had a similar cancer journey to you whether it’s a personal diagnosis or a diagnosis of a loved one. They’ll be able to use their own experiences to answer your questions, offer support or simply provide a listening ear. The service is free and will be provided over the phone at a time that is convenient to you and the volunteer.

Whatever you are concerned about or if you are feeling isolated or lonely our trained volunteers are here for you. They are just a phone call away.

Our volunteers will listen without judgment, offer emotional support and will share their own experiences where relevant.

Testimonial from a user of Safeena’s Befriending Service.
‘The befriending support service provided by Safeena Muslim Cancer Support Network is amazing, words cannot describe the positive impact that my befriender is having on me and how much she has already supported me. I simply cannot thank her enough’.

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

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Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network
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