Medical Certificate of Cause of Death (MCCD)

To proceed to burial as quickly as possible, it is important to follow the broad guidelines to avoid delays.

If the death occurs at home, inform your GP or call 111 to get help on the next steps. The district nurse can verify the death and the GP will certify it by issuing an MCCD. If possible, the GP should be in contact with the patient every 28 days prior to death as this regular contact may help speed up the paperwork and will help the GP to identify the cause of death. If the death occurs in the hospital, get the doctor that was on duty at the time of the death to quickly issue the MCCD before he goes off shift. This is because he is aware of the cause of death whereas if this is not done, the next doctor to start his shift may delay signing the MCCD until he familiarises himself with the cause of death.
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