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Finding Light In The Darkest Of Times

My wife was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma, a type of bone cancer, in November 2019. She went through three different types of chemotherapy, surgery and radiotherapy. She passed away in March 2022. I don’t think there is anything that can be said to prepare yourself for what cancer throws at you. Stay firm on your Deen as that is where you’ll find light in the darkest of times. We have no control over our lives, everything is from Allah SWT. Be grateful for all the blessings you have as one day life can be taken away.

The strength of my wife and faith she had in Allah SWT is what kept me going. Even though she was told by her doctors there was nothing that could be done, and her condition deteriorated, yet she never once faltered in her faith. She said shifa comes from Allah SWT and it could be anything from a single black seed to someone’s sincere dua. She never left her Salah prayers, even in hospital she asked the nurses to help her with wudhu. When she passed away, my firm belief in us reuniting in the Akirah (next life) keeps me going.

This is a test from the most merciful, Allah SWT. It is a means to increase your rank in the hereafter. Have faith in Allah SWT but be prepared for the worst. Make it a means to strengthen your relationship with Allah SWT.

The following simple items helped when caring for my wife:

  • A heated blanket.
  • Thermometer.
  • Small bag with all her regular medications.
  • Medicine app that reminded me when her medications were due or more required.

Be patient and don’t be too hard on yourself. As a carer you will often feel helpless as your loved one is in pain and there’s nothing you can do. Seek comfort in knowing any hardship you or anyone goes through is a means of wiping away your sins.

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

Safeena - Muslim Cancer Support Network

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